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It was back in August of this year (2015) when two of these guys showed up in our driveway driving a beat up blue Ford truck claiming they were out of gas and needed some help. They wanted to know if we could give one of them a lift to get some gas.

We live 5 miles from nearest gas station.. I was immediately suspicious but agreed to help. I wanted to keep our home safe so I had my wife drive her car to pick up the gas with one of the "salesman" while I stayed back with the other. Before they left (my wife and salesman) I went into the house and strapped on my Glock 17 and came back outside.

I kept a close eye on the second guy. He tried idle chat but never tried to sell any meat. I snapped a couple of pics of him and the truck and a short video of the license plate as they had the tailgate down.

They had a Louisiana plate and we live in Kentucky.. They got their gas and finally left.

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Funny story... Wackadoos


Sounds like you're pissed off they didn't kill your wife...


Is this real? 1.

They didn't do anything wrong. 2. You just posted this guy's picture on the internet for no reason. 3.

You were suspicious of them, so you sent your wife with one of them alone?

Why couldn't you stay at the house with them and have your wife go herself? Everything about this complaint is the opposite of what a normal person would have done.

to KevinRichardson Aberdeen, Washington, United States #1277275

I too was in "awe" the wife was sent alone with a stranger ..OMG! "If" you had any suspicion, you don't send a wife or child ..

What good would a glock "at home"..do if he kidnapped or hurt the wife? Thankfully, they seemed legit and all tuned out fine ..

to Cali #1277279

Correction ----**turned** out fine

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