The guy tried to get me to buy 4 or 5 hundred dollars worth of his meat. I told him I wasn't working and didn't have $500.

So he asks me How much money do you have? I told him maybe $40.00. So he says okay and brings back 6 really thin and gristly looking steaks and calls them Ribeyes. They looked better frozen than unfrozen.

They were tough and pretty much tasteless. I am glad I didn't spend anymore than the $40.00.

I better not see this company again. The guy acted like he was on meth.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1310503

Steakhouse Family of Companies and Steakhouse Steaks is despicable. They preyed upon my elderly parents, bilking them out of $700.00 for meat that is not worthy of being fed to a dog!

Avoid this company at all costs and call the police if they step foot on your property! They are the *** of the earth and know what they are doing.

I will be filing complaints with the BBB, the District Attorney's Office, Texas Attorney Generals Office, Texas Secretary of State, and any and all Federal agencies and bureaus that I can.

They are engaging in elder abuse by their actions and there are criminal and Federal laws against doing so! I will not rest until they are charged, convicted and put in jail ....

the only way I would not follow through is if they make full restitution to my parents ASAP!

The alleged "sirloin" and "ribeye" steaks are thin, full of gristle, and cannot even be made tender enough to eat even after cooking for several hours in a crockpot! You think they will grill on a charcoal grill???? FORGET IT!

Who knows what the content of this *** really is!

It is totally worthless ***! Evil people for doing this to elderly people who are disabled!

Dallas, Texas, United States #831936

Same kind of salesman just hit me up to buy some meat out of a freezer in his bright yellow pickup. Told him I wasn't interested but he wouldn't take the hint.

Then his partner ask how much I would charge him to let him live in my rv. Send these people away from your neighborhood- they are nothing but scams and trouble.


Yeah, *** us got suckered by Steakhouse Supply people, too. I should've looked them up on the web first before agreeing to buy anything from them.

I don't know why I didn't! Argh! From now on, I am going to check "unknowns" before going forward with anything. Never again do I want something like this to happen to us.

I want to warn others to NOT buy stuff from this company so they could be put out of business because they have crappy business practice & lack true customer service.

I want to summarize the negatives I realized later, when it was too late:

-The stuff they sell is way overpriced!

(even after they say they're giving a discount)

-They do NOT do any kind of refunds whatsoever!

-They SAY they'll exchange items, BUT good luck trying to get ahold of them to do so. It took me over 4weeks to get them to try to complete the rest of my order, but when they DID finally show-up, they try to do another sales pitch & waste your time when all you really wanted to do was get what you had already paid for many weeks ago. -The meat they sell is full of chemicals to preserve them in frozen form. Some of the meats they sell are so overly salty that we just couldn't eat them bc they were just disgusting, & I felt like I might poison my body if I tried to continue eating them.

-Their seafood (which was part of package we were sold) was disgusting also. I probably could list more, but I hope that's enough stuff to warn others to just NOT do business with this company.

Dallas, Texas, United States #737201

Steakhouse Supply? The meat is a fraud and the people selling it will try everything to defraud you, as I was. If you buy (but please, don't) pay only for what you get at the moment; you will never receive meat supposed to be delivered later: and you will not find anyone taking responsibility for it.

I'm in Dallas, TX; I'm sure there are other sellers going around, but the one who approached me was a very skillful swindler.

The meat? As I said, it doesn't value what you can buy anywhere.

I hope you will read this before deciding to buy.

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States #727013

I got suckered in to this fasting talking kid. I should know better cost me 169 to meat that I couldn't give to my dog. I hope this kid comes around again, he wont take advantage of retires again.

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