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I plan on calling the man who sold me the boxes of beef. I'm doubting that the number is valid. I've eaten various items from this pack four times. I've gotten sick twice. I think my dogs might like the meat. Problem is, I love my dogs and don't want them to get sick. I'll be contacting my credit card company, too. I've never eaten meat that made me sick before. And I thought I was getting a good deal. Sadly, my husband got sick, too. I love him... Read more

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My family and I have been ordering from them for many years. I get all our family steak, chicken, seafood and pork packs from them every two months. Amazing food! And saves me a small fortune. Better quality than any grocery store. And Never freezer burns. Gr8 food, g8 prices. Gr8 company. = )

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Very Deceptive People and about as dishonest as they can be. They have people driving around with a freezer in back of a pickup trying to sell low grade steaks using a business name that knows nothing about any of it. The Sheriff Departments from at least two counties are investigating these people. Beware of them. I speak from experience. I believe they may see some jail time. The meat is of very low quality and taste is not good. I have been... Read more

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I was on my front porch and a very pleasant guy name Will, approach me with his hands in the air saying "I come in peace, please don't shoot or taze me! I just laugh, and he told me that he will give me an awesome deal and not a regular deal. I ask what is the deal, he said let me show you and ran to the truck and came back with the steaks and chicken. I promise not to tell the deal, but I got a great deal!!! I do understand that some people may... Read more

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I got scammed by a fast talking salesman at my door. When I told him we only eat grass fed beef, he assured me that he'd been trained and educated, etc. BUT when I went to their site, they are NOT grass fed beef, like he assured me, they were. He LIED TO ME. He showed me a brochure, but he would not leave me the brochure. I did not see grass fed beef anywhere on the brochure, so he told me to go to the website. I live in Redmond, Washington AND... Read more

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I live in Columbia Kentucky I am 55 years old and been buying off trucks since the early 90s and steakhouse by far has the best steaks so I don't see what these people are talking about. I had 6 people over for my birthday last week so we cooked out and everyone was impressed

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I bought some in Louisiana from them and was a good deal. The food was not the greatest but for the price I couldn't beat it. Then I moved to radcliffe Kentucky and a gentleman from the same company but the office was out of Louisville Kentucky. The gentleman if I'm not mistaken his name was will. He was very professional clean cut and gave me a even better deal then in Louisiana. The food was In different boxes and I came to conclusion that... Read more

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They bald man and young guy tried to sell steaks to my grandmother ... got pissed and rude when we said no. Not paying $300 for meat. This is in Lexington nc area. They can read no soliciting signs.

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When I told a door sales guy that I had already been scammed out of $160 dollars and had to throw out the meat, he got angry, because I told a neighbor not to fall for the scam. He yelled to his partner working the other side of the street that they were being burned. Yelled at me as they drove away calling me a ***!

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The pamphlet says Ranchers Pride, the receipt says Steakhouse and I can't find these guys anywhere. The guy came to my door, gave the usual story that he made a delivery and had these 2 boxes leftover. We bought 1 box chicken, 1 box fish. He assured us that the fish was not farm raised and was caught locally. When I putting it in the freezer the box said FARM RAISED, A PRODUCT OF TAIWAN and CHINA. I called and the guy said they ran out of... Read more

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